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With levels of public scrutiny reaching new levels, customer demand growing and funding ever tighter, IoD Scotland are delivering this full day course examining the specific role required of Trustees and Board Members of bodies in the Third Sector.  Exploring how Board members need to fulfil their role and maximise the value they bring, this session is primarily designed for Third Sector Board members who want to strengthen their contribution or understand how to help improve their Board’s oversight and governance performance.  Those who are thinking about joining a Board will also find it useful in exploring what they need to know as well as what they can bring to the board.

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The backbone of our Professional Director Series this one-day workshop identifies the various roles of the non-executive director (NXD) in a variety of corporate settings – family company, subsidiaries, Third Sector and Public sector; how their appointment can help balance a board and how they make an effective contribution to a board’s work. It also examines methods for their selection and reviews their motivation, induction and reward.

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Explores the pivotal role of the chair. Perhaps the single most important area within which a board can improve its effectiveness is how it is chaired. This requires two things to happen – the chair leads the board and the understanding by the other directors of the rules of engagement. The ability to chair any meeting is an important facet in the development of managers; once appointed to a board there is more than likely to be a requirement to chair board sub-committees or lead the board itself at some time in the future.

A leader requires a vision for the group to move forward and also a focused way to communicate that vision. How do you make that vision memorable and do-able for the rest of the team, department or organisation? Develop your skills of charismas.

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Identify the various roles senior executives and directors may have to undertake within the context of a crisis. Whether from a Private, Public or Third Sector organisation your role as a director is to help ensure the organisation survives the crisis by providing strategic leadership and, more importantly, by making an effective contribution to the preparedness of your organisation, to deal with  major disruptive challenges.

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How do you get the very best out of an organisation? This one-day workshop (9-5) challenges assumptions and goes into what directors really need to be doing to make transformational leadership a reality in their organisations. Full of practical insights and systematic approaches grounded in current experience, this workshop is for the director who wants to be both radical and secure in their actions.

The Business Model Canvas is a systematic, practical and visual approach to help you design and innovate your business model. This workshop combines the Canvas with other innovation techniques and visual tools, giving you a deeper understanding of how to build business models and a strategy for the future and apply these techniques in your own organisation

This one-day workshop is designed for the newly-appointed, or apprentice directors who want to gain the basic tools to do the job. It outlines the role and legal responsibilities of a director and explores how the apprentice moves from managing to directing. It is important that all directors, on appointment, receive induction about their role and the significant duties and legal liabilities that go with it. Directors have a duty to exercise a standard of skill, care and diligence and this workshop will provide delegates with the know-how and insights to effectively fulfil and grow within the role.

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This one-day workshop (9-5) focuses on supporting participants across all sectors in the development of ‘trust building’ capacity. Through examples, debate and interactive exercises, participants will uncover practical strategies for developing trusting relationships across and out with their organisation.

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This one-day workshop (9-5) will provide insights into the political and social processes at play within strategy-making and enable you to utilise a practical, technology-based strategy process which addresses the root causes of strategy failure. The workshop will use a blend of theory, group work and practical exercises to support participants in the design and delivery of a highly inclusive strategy process to improve strategic performance.

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Creating positive attitudinal change in yourself and your organisation is easier than you think.  Having a ‘can-do’ attitude is an asset, but the development of a GoDo mindset is a deliberate, focused and proactive approach to skilling up you and your organisation.  This one day (9-5) workshop will motivate and inspire you and your team, to re-imagine you, move outside your zone of comfort to re-shape how you think and act….. oh, and you will never look at a lobster the same way again.

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This one-day workshop (9-5) explores the rules of engagement in the boardroom; what to say, how to say it, when to say it and why this is important for effective boardroom governance. The theory of governance provides little help in shaping individual and group behaviours but without a clear understanding of the rules of engagement boards can become little more than talking shops. Through the use of real life cases and examples this workshop seeks to help Chairs and directors understand the dynamics of the boardroom and how the winning behaviours of individual directors can add value to the board. At a time when the ‘culture’ of organisations is critical to reputation and long term success this workshop throws light on how to shape a ‘winning’ culture from the top.

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This highly interactive one-day workshop (9-5), introduces a breakthrough questioning method that is steeped in investigative journalism, cognitive neuroscience and social psychology. The method emphasizes humility, finely tuned listening, empathy, and Eastern and Western perspectives on mindfulness – an ideal model for effective leadership and governance.  It offers you a new way to think about and ask questions and features short video clips of interviews conducted by today’s top TV reporters and hosts in the US, UK and Canada to reinforce principles and techniques. Throughout the day, you will work in small groups on exercises and a case study that capture compelling scenarios faced by directors and trustees.

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This one-day workshop explores in practical and non-technical terms current cyber security threats to business and public bodies. Through the use of real life cases and examples this workshop will help directors understand the approaches and techniques used in cyber-attacks and how to prepare for and defend against them. It also addresses internal staff behaviours and the risks these pose to organisations’ security.

This 2 day course looks at the key duties, roles and legal responsibilities of directors, corporate governance and the role of the board. It also looks at the crucial differences between management, direction and ownership and offers guidance on improving board effectiveness. For dates and to book go to

This 3 day course will demystify the world of finance, allowing you to contribute more effectively to boardroom discussion. It will ensure that you develop the skills you need to evaluate and monitor the financial health of a business. For dates and to book go to

This 3 day course provides an introduction to the key ideas and approaches to strategic direction and marketing within your organisation. It will assist your role in leading the strategic process. For dates and to book go to

This 2 day course will appraise the role of the Board in setting objectives, culture and values and the techniques, tools and resources needed to deliver corporate strategy. It demonstrates the individual director’s role as a Board member and as a corporate leader in driving strategic change. For dates and to book go to

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